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Pushin Positivity

I’m James Kody Bramlett an aspiring artist with entrepreneurial influences just trying to spread my positive vibes far & wide. Born in Denver CO, grew up in southern Illinois, I was interested in music at an early age. Mostly listening to Hip-Hop, R&B and Rock n’ Roll, later adding Electronic and Reggae to my favorites. As a child, I always sang along in the car and in middle school I made mixtapes of new music to jam with friends. I developed a passion for being an entrepreneur and started hustling before school began by cleaning up the Dairy Queen parking lot for cash and ice cream. Later exchanging football/pokemon cards, getting paper routes and selling products door to door. After being introduced to self-developing techniques, success principles and applying them, I quickly realized that anyone can invest in themselves and make DREAMS become a REALITY!

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Moving back to Denver in my early 20’s I was exposed to more music business opportunities. I soon realized the potential to create the lane in Hip-Hop that focuses on motivation for success, positive influences and transcending to a higher level. Working with producers around the world, I try to make music that possesses a universal vibe. I’m combining my two passions, music and entrepreneurship to spread positive nugs of knowledge about investing in yourself to create the life you’ve always wanted.

I’m taking a different approach to releasing music by sharing it all for FREE. . one song at a time. I love building my network and implementing techniques that all my listeners can leverage into success. Making it a win-win for everyone involved. If everyone had a reminder that we can achieve anything we want by putting in the work, we might get there quicker. My goal is to spread good energy, motivation and business knowledge on a fresh vibe. Enthusiasm and a positive outlook in life go a long way, don’t underestimate it! I want to inspire all the people I connect with to follow their dreams.

The intention in my music is to give value to you by sharing practical information that can enhance your life in a positive way, just as it has for mine. I truly believe that everybody has the ability to achieve their goals and dreams! It’s all about believing with your core and investing in your self-development, plus doing all the work that it takes. I’m grateful to be on this musical journey and invite you to join the #PushinPositivity movement.

“By investing in yourself right now, you’re taking the reign of tomorrow.”

Much Love to You and Yours

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