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How To Give Good Customer Service

How To Give Good Customer Service What is Good Customer Service? Good Customer Service is all about being in communication with your customers. Listening to them, learning how you can serve them better, quicker and more efficiently. I started off my first legit job as...

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The Hip Hop Artists That Inspire Me

Today I wanted to talk to you about Hip Hop Artists That Inspire Me. The Hip-hop industry is an abundant sea of talent. Many artists are hella popular from their remarkable ability to set a mainstream vibe. Many artists excel in writing great lyrics and putting it...

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How Hip-Hop Inspired Me

Hip-Hop Inspired Me. I view Hip Hop as a movement, an artform of self-expression and entertainment. Hip Hop developed into a mainstream culture in a fairly short period of time. Some 40 years. Originating at block parties in Bronx to spreading globally while capturing...

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What Makes Good Motivational Hip-Hop?

What Makes Good Motivational Hip-Hop? Do You Like Motivational Hip-Hop? Music is a powerful motivation tool. Sound energy has the ability to affect our movement. Motivational Hip-Hop is all about providing knowledge and positive incentives to go after your dreams,...

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