What Makes Good Motivational Hip-Hop?

Do You Like Motivational Hip-Hop? Music is a powerful motivation tool. Sound energy has the ability to affect our movement.

Motivational Hip-Hop is all about providing knowledge and positive incentives to go after your dreams, make them a reality and build a positive outlook on life.

In my opinion good Motivational Hip-Hop is when the artist shares valuable lessons and life experiences that he/she could pull a positive out of, even if it’s a negative situation.

  • Sharing stories about applying success principles and getting desired results.
  • Overcoming adversity and limitations.
  • Relating with people by spreading positive vibe on a groovy beat.

Motivational Hip-Hop

Motivational Hip-Hop can serve as a catalyst to increase personal growth and productivity. Positive, encouraging useful information that is oriented to help one on the path of improvement.

Apply that to an energetic musical composition like a Hip-Hop beat and that can definitely get a person to move and groove on their personal development.

Pushin Positivity’s music is directed towards helping the listener to recognize their own greatness. Hopefully sparking action to work on one’s dreams.

With the underlying message that anyone can achieve their desired lifestyle by putting in the work, staying consistent on their hustle, and maintaining a positive mindset.

We also have info on time management, attention discipline, cultivating a positive mindset, and staying progressive on your goals.


Motivational Hip-Hop

Music has so much power to influence us, it stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function. Let’s make this influence a positive one, by listening to some groovy tunes that you can build your empire to.

“Energy invested on Positive Vibrations can help pass up negative temptations”

“Leverage the knowledge, execute the plan”-lyrics from Pushin Positivity’s new song “Momentum”

Please leave a comment below or on YouTube about how our music motivates you.