Today I wanted to talk to you about Hip Hop Artists That Inspire Me. The Hip-hop industry is an abundant sea of talent. Many artists are hella popular from their remarkable ability to set a mainstream vibe.

Many artists excel in writing great lyrics and putting it down at incredible live shows. Everyone has their own zest.

What inspires me about an artist is their craft. Their mastery, attention to detail, progressive improvement and growth. Ability to put it all together on a beat for you to vibe with and hopefully share some emotion with is what it’s all about.

Many people don’t necessarily realize that before being recognized in the music industry, or any area of life, the artist continuously develops his craft day in and day out. We don’t always see the behind the scenes work.

So what appears an overnight success, is truly a combination of practice and development that required a certain time to achieve. We don’t see the long hours in the studio, we don’t see the writing process, we don’t see the stress. Also we don’t see the organizing of the campaign and putting it all together cohesively.

We just see the finished product and sometimes don’t even realize how many people it took to accomplish. All mastery takes time and work to develop. Being creative is a consistent work in progress and a consistent overcoming of one’s limitations. It’s a great feeling.

Plenty Inspirations in the City

Artists That Inspire Me

The artists that inspire me are from different days, ages and different genres of music. Tupac and Jeezy are very inspirational to me just to name a few. Tupac for the life lessons in his songs. I could really relate with what he spoke about and leverage his lessons in my life. Jeezy for the respect of the hustle, motivation and keeping it real to his beliefs.

Russ is another artist that really inspires me. His music is a unique example of the message I stand for, which is by doing consistent work on your dreams , you make them a reality! Weeknd’s music resonates with me from the great vibes he creates in his music and videos.

I also get inspired by new artists that are just coming out, I constantly have my ear to the streets for unique sounds. It’s always inspiring to see people work on their dreams.

The rap quotes and rap lyrics that these artists provide, inspire me and everything I do.


Listen for that Inspiration

Hip Hop Artists That Inspire Me

I draw inspiration from many places for my music, many music artists, entrepreneurs, working on my goals, dreams and from life itself. Let’s keep creating and make our world a better place, because when we create our energy gets spent wisely and our life becomes more positive.

  • I would love to hear which artist inspire you and why in the comments.
  • “You Know Me I’m jus Pushin Positivity”- (lyrics from Call 2 Action)