Hip-Hop Inspired Me. I view Hip Hop as a movement, an artform of self-expression and entertainment. Hip Hop developed into a mainstream culture in a fairly short period of time. Some 40 years. Originating at block parties in Bronx to spreading globally while capturing people’s hearts and attention. Influencing folks around the world daily, including myself.

When I was growing up I would listen to Hip-Hop all the time, relating to artists through lyrics and beats. I could really connect to the message of how the artist overcame his/her limitations, unfavorable environment, circumstances and with that, the ability to create a better life while doing music. By being dedicated, focused and having an unwavering belief that a better and brighter future can be created through taking action on their dream.

Many great Hip-Hop artists came from not very growth conducive surroundings. Where most people would fold under pressures of life, they went forward and against all odds achieved success. Showcasing that it is possible to live the life of your dreams. That’s how the genre of Hip Hop gained my love and respect. It is truly inspiring to me.

Want To Know How Hip-Hop Inspired Me?

Hip Hop inspired me by teaching me lessons that were not readily available in my environment that definitely helped me with my experiences in life. It exposed me to different cultures with positive vibes and some negative experiences that anyone can learn from.

Hip Hop has many different faces. It can be very happy and entertaining, making people move, dance and have fun. Hip-Hop can be very wise, when the artist shares his wisdoms thru incredibly well put together lyrics, making you seriously think about life. It can be grimey and carry anger. It can be positive & motivational. There is something for everyone.

Hip-Hop is continuously growing, progressing and expanding. It creates so many opportunities in any given moment for not only musicians, but producers, dancers, videographers, clothing designers, makeup artists, sound and equipment engineers, lawyers, you name it.

There has never been a better time in history than today to become an artist in any field and create your own business. Distribution platforms are available to anyone with internet access.

We can now make connections with fans anywhere in the world, thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc. People are specifically searching for new interesting music that ain’t only mainstream.

Hip-Hop never stops to amaze us with its vibrancy and creativity, it’s full of life and opportunities and that’s why I joined this movement and started to create Positive Motivational Hip-Hop. I believe that anyone can achieve any dream they have and that’s what my music is about.

    In conclusion I just hope you find the music that inspires you to go get more out of life and enjoy it along the way. If you liked this blog, checkout this one and if you could share this with your friends I’d be very grateful. Please leave a comment on how hip-hop inspired you in any way or your thoughts about this blog post.  Thanks y’all!!